Welcome lovely folk!

*A BIG SHOUT* to all the lovely folk I met and played for at Glastonbury Festival – it was lovely to play for nearly 10 hours solid!

It’s been a beautiful year so far, lots of street performing, lovely musical connections and a whole heap of friendly passers-by who have opened their hearts to the music.
Many of you discover the steel handpan for the first time when we meet, and so I wanted to link over to my (older) handpan site HERE if you want to know more about it.



1996 – CD Album – T. Franck “Darkened Heart” – Indie release – 11 tracks
Clouds In Our Eyes – To Be The One – Carry On – Say You Have – One By One – I’ll Never Know You – Song For Them – Man’s Lament – Lay It Down – Belly Of An Artefact – The Unknown

1997 – CD Album – “LIAR”
Band Members: Jamie Clarke (ex-Pogues), Jochen Ritter, Pedja Zaric, Torbz, Vladi Nowakowski
SONGS: Stay in touch, Poetry,Heart shaped sunglasses, Some kind of life, High and dry, Oh man, Sheer perfection, One of those days, Take the pain away, Beautiful people

2003 – “Money Is Your Blood” – Single track release – “Peace Not War” Compilation 1

2003 – Blind Eye Turner – Shine EP – 5 tracks

2005 – Higher Love Collective – “This Is Higher Love” – Indie release

2006 – The Awakening – “Into The Labyrinth” – 11 tracks – Indie release

2009 – Celtech – Celtech (available from

2015 – Seano Skylark & Friends – “The Time Is Now” (guest on 3 tracks) – Indie Release

2015 – Torbz – “Halosynergen – pre-release version” – 12 tracks – Indie release – still in production for a ‘who-knows-when’ release date… 🙂