Welcome lovely folk!

I’m gearing up in energy, spirit and money to move to record my first ‘raw’ album, Full Circle, packed full of lessons and experiences through my musical and, more recently, Handpan journey.

Support my cause by buying ‘Half Circle’ now available at Bandcamp (and in the player below) or any of my older releases.

I’m sad  to say my friend Mel passed away last year, with whom I’d shared many deep and loving moments and great musical exploration. Hear her amazing songs on the Higher Love album below.

Many of you discover the steel handpan for the first time when we meet, and so I wanted to link over to my now defunct handpan site HERE


1996 – CD Album – T. Franck “Darkened Heart” – Indie release – 11 tracks
Clouds In Our Eyes – To Be The One – Carry On – Say You Have – One By One – I’ll Never Know You – Song For Them – Man’s Lament – Lay It Down – Belly Of An Artefact – The Unknown

1997 – CD Album – “LIAR”
Band Members: Jamie Clarke (ex-Pogues), Jochen Ritter, Pedja Zaric, Torbz, Vladi Nowakowski
SONGS: Stay in touch, Poetry,Heart shaped sunglasses, Some kind of life, High and dry, Oh man, Sheer perfection, One of those days, Take the pain away, Beautiful people

2003 – “Money Is Your Blood” – Single track release – “Peace Not War” Compilation 1

2003 – Blind Eye Turner – Shine EP – 5 tracks

2005 – Higher Love Collective – “This Is Higher Love” – Indie release

2006 – The Awakening – “Into The Labyrinth” – 11 tracks – Indie release

2009 – Celtech – Celtech (available from

2015 – Seano Skylark & Friends – “The Time Is Now” (guest on 3 tracks) – Indie Release

2015 – Torbz – “Halosynergen – Release version 1” – 12 tracks – Indie release
2015 – Torbz – “Halosynergen – Release version 2” – 13 tracks – including “Coleabberation”

2018 – Torbz – “Half Circle” – Released 20/10/2018