Contact & Tech Specs

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Technical requirements

The handpan has a natural resonance which does not require amplification in smaller, quieter settings. Perfect for concentrated, small gatherings who wish to have soothing accompaniment.
Alternatively, it can be amplified through a P.A. and here are the technical requirements:


2 high quality condenser pencil microphones (preferably matched) for two close overhead mics – left and right, on normal mic stands. Alternatively, two mics that can be used ‘hot’ (high sensitivity¬† positioned about 30cm away from the pan surface) to allow me to bring out the quieter subtleties of the handpan.

One bass mic on a short boom stand to be placed under the handpan between the legs

One vocal mic (Shure SM58 or similar)

One foldback monitor for vocals and handpan

It takes about 5 minutes to set-up if all mics are available on stage.

Full show

Guitar and keyboard D.I. – 1/4″ jack inputs

Full set-up takes about 20 minutes and 10 minutes for sound check.